NCHSTCA Minutes 6/14/09

North Carolina High School Tennis Coaches’ Association

Minutes from Summer Meeting in Chapel Hill

Wednesday, June 14, 2009

9:30 a.m.


Present:  Donald Clarke (Greene Central), Lindsey Linker (East Chapel Hill), Ken Hazen (Charlotte Catholic), Craig Smith (Hopewell), Brad Fisher (R.J. Reynolds) Eric Rodgeman (Cedar Ridge), and Gene Thomas (Athens Drive).


I.              Carolyn Shannonhouse spoke to the group.


A.   Brad Fisher’s proposal for expansion:  proposal was good, but the timing was not.  Most playoffs, number of games per season, etc., are being cut during this economy, even in football.  The NCHSAA cost-cutting committee is looking at every sport to see where they can cut.  They proposed a 32-draw in playoffs in every sport. 

B.    Lindsey Linker brought up the frustration of the NCHSAA not using our NCHSTCA polls for seeding in dual-team.  Carolyn suggested that we bring this up to their sub-committee.

C.   Carolyn asked for our input about how to solve the problem of players withdrawing from Regionals after qualifying for States (A.P. test conflicts, other sports, tired from USTA tourneys, etc.).  She asked if Saturday was the problem – should we just play on Friday?

We made the suggestion to include requirements in the handbook, so that players are informed ahead of time of their commitment to play through the State finals, as well as including a form signed by players and parents that goes to the regional director before the tournament.

D.   Discussion of how to make dual-team line-up sheets better.  Lindsey suggested having

extra blanks on the sheet for other conference coaches, not just administrators, to sign.  Carolyn repeated her thinking that in doubles the combination of singles positions of players must be lower at #1 doubles, and increase with each position.  Also, #1 cannot play #3 doubles.  In the case of injuries, a player should go back to the position they previously held.  A player must have played at least 25% of the season in that position in order to be seeded in that position.  We suggested a revision in the entry blank on the record for doubles.

E.    Que Tucker joined us.  Brad asked a question about the discrepancies in the regional

conference assignments for tennis and track.  Revisions were made to change the 4A Conference regional assignments to be more balanced.



II.   Replacement of Treasurer.


Linney Teague’s name was proposed since he was active in securing our 501 C-3.  Ken Hazen was willing to contact him to see if he would accept the position.  Eric Rodgeman will also consider this proposal and get back to us.



III.         Minutes from January Meeting were read and approved.


IV. Discussion of Rule changes and suggestions for improvement of matches.


A.   Discussed when to play or start doubles, i.e. how long to allow between singles and doubles.

B.    Discussed making amount of time between 2nd and 3rd sets in line with USTA rules (i.e. 10 minutes before a set, 2 minutes before a tiebreaker).



V.   Treasurer’s Report.


A.   Don Clark reports that our checking account is now open.  We have $775.00 in the account.  Our 501 C-3 is complete thanks to Linney Teague.  Thus, the NCHSTCA is officially a non-profit organization, and tax-exempt.  When we determine a new Treasurer, Don will turn over all the papers to him.  Copies of the certificate were given to the Secretary and to Don Clark.

B.    All Region/State certificates were done by Don Clark and Team Connection.  Don asked for permission to mail out and be reimbursed for the girls’ certificates from the fall.  It was so moved and passed.

C.   Fund-raising:  Don suggested schools have tournaments or get their Booster Clubs involved to donate some profits to NCHSTCA (even small amounts:  $20, etc.).  Ken suggested accepting donations from people since it would be a tax-deduction.  Eric suggested putting a link on our website for donations.  Don suggested we could even have a scholarship at some point, if we raise enough money.



VI. Input into July 22 clinic in Greensboro.


Suggestion that the emphasis be on doubles and that we need a larger room for our meeting.



VII.       Report from by Brad Fisher.


Brad gave us a handout with the positives and negatives from 2 states using this website.  The group worries about the membership fees being charged, so tables the discussion.



VIII.     Website.


Andrew is still updating the server.  Don wants us to be able to put scores in and have the standings updated.  Also, he wants to be able to send group e-mails by classification or boys/girls teams, and to have advertising capability, as well.  Don is meeting with the son of a family friend, who is a computer person, to see if we can get his help.  We had a discussion of the cost of redesigning the site and getting someone to host it.  Brad says possibly $15-$20 a month to get us something temporary, i.e. “I web.”  The consensus of the group was that the Facebook and Google options were confusing.  Also, the Facebook scare has made some folks not want to use it.



IX. Resubmission of proposal for expanding dual-team playoffs.


As previously stated, the NCHSAA Committee meeting was all about cuts, so the tennis expansion idea didn’t fly.  We reiterated that coaches, athletic directors, and parents MUST call the NCHSAA the day the brackets come out to let them hear how this affects teams.  Brad says we must be “the squeaky wheel” and revisit this once the economy recovers.



X.   Membership Drive (Ken Hazen and Brad Fisher).


Sheets were distributed with conferences and schools, explaining that each conference needs to have a representative.  There are 51 conferences, and 14 regionals, so we could divide it among Board members.  Ken suggested that he would make a display with the conferences, and ask the coaches at the Greensboro clinic to sign up to be a conference representative to contact member schools.  This would get others involved, too.  Don will send out an e-mail blast asking for volunteers.  Ken presented a sample letter to give to conference reps, so that we all convey the same information.  Don said he could put the conference reps and coaches on the website.



XI. New Business.


A.   Board terms tied to realignment.  How to keep coverage when schools move up or down.  Discussion as to whether we should tie our terms into the 4-year realignment.  Decision was made to keep up with the flux, and make sure all levels are represented.

B.    Strengthening relationship with NCTA and NCTF.  Ideas were discussed on continuing to strengthen our relationships with these two, and Don suggested Lindsey check into other grant possibilities for us, i.e. starting a program. 

C.   Setting up agenda, site and date for winter meeting:  Saturday, January 30, 2010, at 7:45 a.m., at Pinehurst.

D.   Don asked how we can get more coaches recognized in the NCHSAA Hall of Fame.  We will discuss this further in Pinehurst.

E.    Discussion/revisiting the East-West All-Star Competition for tennis.  We suggested perhaps holding it at another time and place than the NCCA clinic in July.  Perhaps Burlington?  The challenge is when to hold it.  Perhaps Pinehurst in January?  Carolyn said it would have to be sanctioned before the December and May meetings by the NCHSAA.





XII.       Carolyn Returns.


A.   Presented the final numbers for balancing conferences and regions.

B.    Told us the submission for Regionals will be electronic.

C.   Handbook changes: 

1. Break between 2nd and 3rd sets in Individuals will be 10 minutes;

      2. Break between 2nd and 3rd sets in Dual Team, before tiebreaker, will be 2 minutes;

      3. Doubles starts 15 minutes after 4 singles players involved become available.



Meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Lindsey J. Linker

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