Tennis Rules and Regulations

A lot of coaches have asked us about the new "doubles rules" and "25% rule" that went into effect in the 2009-2010 school year.

The 25% Rule

This rule is for your singles line-up when you start the Dual-Team playoffs. 

Singles players must have played 25% at a position in order to be seeded at that position unless there is an approved issue (injury, illness, etc.). Proof must be provided at the conference meeting prior to submitting the line-up sheet to the NCHSAA.

In Laymen's Terms: If you have a player that is going to be your #3 in the playoffs, that player must have played at least 25% of your regular season dual matches at the #3 spot.

The Doubles Rule

The positions paired at the number-one doubles positions (e.g., #1 and #3 =4) must add up to an equal or lower number than those paired at the number two doubles (e.g., #2 and #4 = 6). The number-two doubles pairing must add up to an equal or lower number than those paired at number-three doubles (e.g., #5 and #6 = 11). A number-one singles player may NOT play at number three doubles.

In Laymen's Terms: When creating your doubles lineup for that dual match, you must add up your singles players flight numbers from that match.  The lowest combination is your #1 doubles, second is your #2 doubles, etc. If numbers are equal (e.g 1&4=5 and 2&3=5, those doubles could play #1 or #2 doubles)  All players that did not play singles are considered #7. 


Link to the NCHSAA Rules for Boys and Girls Tennis (This is a PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat to view it)

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