Pat Thornton, Elizabeth City Northeastern

08/14/2014 22:26
I have a no-cut program. The largest number of players I have had was 20. We split into usually 3 groups by experience level. I have a volunteer coach that works with the younger, more inexperienced players working on the basic strokes, rules, scoring, etc. The middle group got shorter "lessons" and then match-playing time to "get the feel of the game".
Early in the season, the lowest group won't play in matches except in practice; middle group will play exhibition matches. As everyone improves, we will rotate less experienced players into exhibition matches as well.
The top 6-8 worked out more advanced strokes, strategies, and play in the actual matches.
The last couple of years, I have about 12 players so we have split into two groups - exhibition group learning basic strokes, etc. and match group working on strategies, etc.

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