Team Connection 2017 Eastern 1-A All-Region Men's Tennis Team

06/18/2017 17:25

Twelve players have been named to the 2017 Team Connection Eastern 1-A Men's All-Region team.   Coaches will receive certificates shortly.

Chinna Baskaran (Raleigh Charter School)
Revant Birla (Raleigh Charter School)
Jonathon Burch (East Carteret)
John Hankinson (Research Triangle)
Harrison Tseng (Raleigh Charter School)
Joseph Fisher (Raleigh Charter School)
Jackson Venable (Franklin Academy)
Grant Smith (Franklin Academy)
Octavio Palacios (East Columbus)
Marco Borja (East Columbus)
Arjun Juneja (Raleigh Charter School)
Arya Battula (Raleigh Charter School)


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