Team Connection 2017 Mideastern 3-A All-Region Men's Tennis Team

07/02/2017 09:01

Twelve players have been named to the 2017 Team Connection Mideastern 3-A Men's All-Region team.   Coaches will receive certificates shortly.

Joseph McPherson (Eastern Alamance)
Will Hart (Union Pines)
Henry Lieberman (Fayetteville Terry Sanford)
David Mirzoyan (Chapel Hill)
Zach Bolzan (Chapel Hill)
Jerry Kai (Chapel Hill)
Alex Kasari (Fayetteville Terry Sanford)
Andrew Zahran (Fayetteville Terry Sanford)
Mark Fujino (Northern Guilford)
Eric Zhang (Northern Guilford)
Giles Corzine (Northwood)
Sam Earnshaw (Northwood)


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