Team Connection 2017 Mideastern 4-A All-Region Men's Tennis Team

06/22/2017 21:18

Twelve players have been named to the 2017 Team Connection Mideastern 4-A Men's All-Region team.   Coaches will receive certificates shortly.

Banks Evans (Clayton)
Viveck Ramesh (Green Hope)
Ben Wayand (Green Hope)
Michael Ogundele (Raleigh Enloe)
Ethan Saber (Raleigh Enloe)
Revanth Bobba (Raleigh Enloe)
Grant McGrew (Middle Creek)
Owen McGrew (Middle Creek)
Nico Grewe (Wakefield)
Blake Carter (Wakefield)
Rohit Gohtkar (Green Hope)
Andre Staicu (Green Hope)


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