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Carolina Tennis Network is offering a series of 3 summer Junior Hard Court (L4) Tennis Tournaments.  We have one in June, one in July and one in August.  Go to, click on Tennis Links (upper right portion of the page), click on Junior Tournaments (mid-page under a picture) and use the Tournament ID #’s listed below for the rest of the event details.  This series is an excellent way to prepare for high school teams and ultimately collegiate tennis.  Hard court tournaments are the best way to prepare for hard court future competition. 

JUNE:  Vacation Celebration (June 21-23, Mon-Wed), Tournament ID#703935309, the online DEADLINE is midnight Thurs, 06-15.


JULY:  Junior Southern Slam (July 19-21, Mon-Wed), Tournament ID #703923609, the online DEADLINE is midnight Thurs, 07-15.                                                                                                               


AUGUST:  Freedom Fighters (August 16-18, Mon-Wed), Tournament ID# 703925709, the online DEADLINE is midnight Thurs, 08-13.


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